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23:25"Don’t forget me because I will never forget you"
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The so-called “Doctors of Pharmacy”

Some people have a so-called doctorate degree can have a degree of stupidity not much less than your uneducated, ignorant individuals.  They are fresh out of grad school and drive a BMW, Mercedes, and live in a 2 story house that is twice their students debt.  How you spend your money is your problem, and if it makes you happy, you can have a 1 million dollar mansion for all I care.  But it’s their attitude that pisses me off.

No, no one cares if you’re a “doctor” of pharmacy (Pharm D).  Maybe it impresses desperate undergrad students who are trying to get into pharmacy school, or those uninformed Asian parents, but it doesn’t impress me.  I will think of you and treat you as anyone else.

People look at you like you’re having a nice life with your LVs and your picture-perfect home.  If only they can peek inside a little part of your day.  It involves people yelling at your on the phone, you ringing up customers at drive through, and trying to get that $25 Viagra coupon to work.  Not exactly glamorous as you’d like to portray yourself, eh?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the job description I just described above.  I am more than happy to find a coupon for you through my phone or ringing up your tampons and condoms along with your prescriptions at the register.  But, unlike some of my peers, I don’t like to portray my lifestyle as fancy or fascinating.  It’s not.

Pharmacists are financially stable.  We make more than the average person (especially where I live), but we are not rich.  For god’s sake, get out of this city.  People out there can afford a 3000/mo apartment in Paris and London and don’t call themselves rich.  Your 3000/mo mortgage does not impress me.  Some surgeons and doctors out there don’t call themselves rich or demand for you to call them doctors outside of their work place.

Do us a favor and stop flashing your average life.  It’s laughable.

Unless you have no debts, no credit card bills, paid off your house, car, etc, and still have 6 figure digit in savings in your bank, you are not rich.

You are not a real doctor.  You have a DOCTORATE degree.

Still, please pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments.  It is still a major achievement.

Just don’t be stupid because others out there are laughing at you.


Fellow pharmacist.

Random Thoughts

It bugs me so much to read random comments/statuses when people whine and rant about money.  It also bugs me when others belittle someone to make themselves feel better.

When I make comments “I don’t make enough”, I immediately get attack by others.  How I feel is how I feel.  They tell me stuff like, you don’t know how lucky you are, you are in the top 10%, blah blah.

I’m sorry….what? I’m lucky?  Sure, I’m pretty sure luck has something to do with it, but I am a regular person just like you.  I wasn’t born into a rich family, my parents didn’t buy me into college, I am now paying for my 6-figure students loan myself, and last time I checked, no one took the board exam or go to 20 years of school for me.  

Don’t tell me I’m lucky when I happened to work really hard for my “success”..  And don’t make me feel bad when you are not willing to work hard for what you want.

I don’t get pregnant because I know I want to be financially stable first.  I still live at home because I know that’s the smarter choice for me.  I don’t drive a BMW because the Camry my parents gave me are in perfect condition.

So, before you belittle me because I am now living the life I want, blame yourself first.  Money doesn’t fly off the sky for me.  I happened to work really hard for what I want, and my money that I spent happened to be my hard earned labor, 40 hours a week.

23:34"Where does a thought go when it’s forgotten?" — Sigmund Freud (via psych-quotes)

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She only loves me when I walk away
Call me on the phone, tell me “Baby, please stay”
She only loves me when I walk away
Calling, yelling, begging, crying “Baby, please stay”
She only loves me when I walk away
I say “Fuck you, bitch I don’t care what you say”

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Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014.
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No idea which model this is, sorry. Once again, Dolce’s accessories and styling are perfection - last season those coronets, now this sort of 18th century Arcadian shepherd girl look, with a little bit of sparkle. Gorgeous.